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Our valued stakeholders are integral to the work that we do. Read what they say about collaborating with NHFIC.

Building on the strength of our partnership with NHFIC we are delighted to innovate with this floating rate note. This allows us to match the financing and service arrangements to access long-term, efficient finance. With the ongoing backing of NHFIC and institutional investors, we have now mobilised $475 million and are on track to deliver 1000 homes in 1000 days.

Scott Langford, CEO, SGCH Group - June 2021

It is gratifying to see our NHFIC investments put a roof over the heads of people in need, while also bringing strong returns... Our clients love to hear stories from CHPs about real-world mums, dads and underprivileged Australians benefiting from NHFIC-funded affordable and social housing

George Bishay, portfolio manager for bond investor Pendal Group - June 2021

This not only marks NHFIC's fifth transaction since its debut in March 2019, but includes a new product in a floating rate note. This is a testament to NHFIC's ongoing journey in becoming a frequent issuer in the Australian capital markets.

Nick Kalisperis, Executive Director, UBS - June 2021

NHFIC has continued to lead the evolution of Australia’s GSS market with the issue of a new 15-year sustainability bond and 10-year social bond. Investors have an increasing demand for green and social assets and we saw outsized interest from key investors in this transaction relative to vanilla bond issues.

Jack Geddes, Associate Director, Westpac Financial Markets - June 2021

With this latest social housing bond NHFIC continues to enable community housing organisations to build more high-quality homes for lower income households, through its lower cost and longer-term financing. With the demand for affordable housing growing, every dollar the sector can save makes a difference. In a nutshell, it means extra homes and enhanced services.

Wendy Hayhurst, CEO, Community Housing Industry Association - June 2021

NHFIC’s latest bond will create additional affordable housing outcomes for many thousands of people at a time when it is most definitely needed.

Nicholas Proud, CEO, PowerHousing - June 2021

Cbus Super has long been an advocate for NHFIC financing being used to support new construction of social and affordable housing and has invested in all three bond issuances made by NHFIC to date.

Justin Arter, CEO, Cbus - May 2021

As an experienced issuer of Social Bonds and now with this Sustainability Bond issuance, NHFIC has set an exemplary standard for best practice by evolving their approach with the expansion of their Framework. With this Sustainability Bond issuance, investors have an opportunity to support inclusive and essential social housing that is coupled with positive environmental outcomes.

Tessa Dann, Director – Sustainable Finance, ANZ - May 2021

We have had a successful partnership with NHFIC since its inception. This funding in particular is game changing, enabling CHL to accelerate the delivery of large scale new social and affordable housing for hundreds of Victorians in a model that is replicable for the renewal of public housing nationally.

Steve Bevington, Managing Director, CHL - May 2021

This is the biggest project of its kind and it simply wouldn’t have been possible without the backing and expertise of NHFIC.

Ryan Slocombe, Principal, Tetris Capital - May 2021

NHFIC’s Infrastructure Facility model is a brilliant way for experienced, not-for-profit housing providers like us to access affordable finance and get on with the job of delivering homes for people in need.

Janine Kirk, Chair, Housing First - March 2021

This could be a gamechanger in addressing the financing gap for new social and affordable housing construction.

Linda Cunningham, Head of Debt and Alternatives, Cbus - August 2020

NHFIC’s use of social bonds to tap investor capital for the community housing sector is critical given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ability of people to remain in housing.

Tessa Dann, Director – Sustainable Finance, ANZ - June 2020

It was pleasing to see the support for NHFIC’s latest issue reinforce the depth of the market for social investments and further enhance the agency’s social bond platform.

Allan O’Sullivan, Executive Director, Westpac - June 2020

This is the largest orderbook, largest print transaction, lowest coupon and longest bond NHFIC have issued to-date...our credit goes to the NHFIC team in combining global liquidity, demand for socially responsible investment opportunity and an ongoing bid for duration in securing this impressive outcome.

Tim Galt, Executive Director - June 2020

The benefit this latest bond issuance will bring to Women’s Housing is that savings will be significant and directed towards building more affordable housing for women.

Judy Line, CEO, WOmen's Housing Limited - June 2020

NHFIC’s Social Bond series 2 has once again highlighted the growing investor appetite for ESG assets while offering diversification given the sovereign guarantee structure. Series 2 was again very well received by the market which bodes well for NHFIC as they become a more established issuer in the Australian dollar debt markets. Westpac is proud to be involved in a strategic initiative that supports improving outcomes in the affordable housing sector.

Allan O'Sullivan, Head of Frequent Borrowers and Syndicate, Westpac - November 2019

Now, more so than ever, the global investor community is focused on the social impact of investment decisions. This is impacting the way in which global capital is deployed and the projects that are being financed across sectors. With over A$1.20 billion of demand for yesterday’s A$315 million transaction, the social benefits NHFIC provides Australian Community Housing Providers (via the Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator) are clearly attracting the global investor base.

Tim Galt, Head of DCM Syndicate APAC, UBS - November 2019

Social and affordable housing is attracting more interest from investors as a standalone asset class given the bonds provide investors an opportunity to deploy capital towards essential social services. Investors globally are keen to mobilise capital in assets that not only help provide environmental benefits but address core social needs.

Katharine Tapley, Head of Sustainable Finance, ANZ - November 2019

Cbus is delighted to once again support NHFIC as a cornerstone investor in their successful second affordable and social housing bond issuance. It is fantastic to see the tangible impact that NHFIC is having for Community Housing Providers by creating savings through lower interest costs and through construction of social and affordable homes.

Kristian Fok, CIO, Cbus - November 2019

NHFIC interest rate is significantly below the rates that we can typically borrow and means we can put more money into building new homes

Sue Clarke, Chair, HHS - November 2019

NHFIC, through its long-term and inexpensive finance has already reduced borrowing costs to our industry enabling them to build more homes

Wendy Hayhurst, CEO, Community Housing Industry Association - October 2019

The NHFIC grant will be instrumental in providing a pathway through to securing finance that will enable us to accelerate our more than 30 projects in the pipeline...Without NHFIC’s support we simply would not be able to scale up in this way.

Julie Blake, CEO, Westside Housing - October 2019

I particularly acknowledge NHFIC’s CEO Nathan Dal Bon and Chairman Brendan Crotty for their achievements in their first year of operation and appreciate the work they’ve done.

Scott Langford, CEO, SGCH Group - August 2019

The NHFIC financing is a game changer for Bridge Housing.

John Nicolades, CEO, Bridge Housing - July 2019

These grants are a fantastic resource available to the community housing sector, at a time when it is growing rapidly. There’s huge unmet demand for affordable housing in Australia, and NHFIC’s social bond-funded loans are cutting-edge by world standards.

Michael Lennon, Chair, Community Housing Industry Association - June 2019

NHFIC interest rate is significantly below the rates that the community housing industry can typically borrow and means our members can put more money into building new homes.

Wendy Hayhurst, CEO, Community Housing Industry Association - March 2019

By issuing in social bond format, they have contributed to a further deepening of the Australian sustainable finance markets and provided investors with a unique proposition that combines exceptional credit quality with social impact

Katharine Tapley, Head of Sustainable Finance, ANZ - March 2019

NHFIC's inaugural issue proved a resounding success, with an attractive mix of credit fundamentals and social bond verification drawing demand from a global audience.

Tim Galt, Head of DCM Syndicate APAC, UBS - March 2019

We are exceptionally pleased with the work we have been doing with NHFIC to spearhead this new source of finance as it represents an important milestone, not only for Hume but for the entire sector.

Nicola Lemon, CEO, Hume Community Housing - January 2019