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NHFIC is dedicated to improving housing outcomes for Australians by contributing to efforts to increase the supply of housing, particularly affordable housing.

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    NHFIC provides long-term and low-cost finance, and capability building assistance, to registered community housing providers (CHPs) to support the provision of more social and affordable housing.

    It lends, invests and provides grants to help finance the critical infrastructure needed to unlock and accelerate new housing supply.

    NHFIC also administers the Home Guarantee Scheme on behalf of the Australian Government, supporting eligible home buyers purchase a home sooner, and undertakes independent research into housing supply, demand and affordability in Australia. 


    NHFIC's Achievements

    • Supported Australians in need of affordable housing, including people with a disability, Indigenous Australians, vulnerable women and children, people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people living in regional Australia
    • Approved $3.4 billion in long-term loans to 39 CHPs, supporting over 17,500 new and existing homes and saving these CHPs an estimated $600 million in interest and fees as well as other indirect costs associated with refinancing
    • Issued over $2.2 billion in bonds, 6 bond issuances with tenors up to 15 years, issued first sustainability bond and floating rate note, in line with international ESG agenda (environmental, social and corporate governance)
    • Establishing social and affordable housing as a new investment asset class, with bonds supported by more than 60 domestic and international institutions, including Australian superannuation funds, sovereign wealth funds and offshore ethical investment funds, leveraging private capital into CHPs
    • Approved over $420 million in infrastructure facilities, to unlock over 7,700 projected new dwellings and accelerate housing supply
    • Helped over 77,000 Australians purchase or build a home by administering the Government's Home Guarantee Scheme
    • Published 13 research reports and hosted 3 webinars, providing insights into the nation’s housing sector, with all findings available on our Housing Research Page including interactive data map
    • Published second flagship State of the Nation’s Housing report, focused on housing supply and demand projections.
    • Provided 23 capacity building program grants, to assist CHPs to develop their financial capability and undertake new developments
    • Innovative financing for affordable housing, including a major Public Private Partnership project ($400 million) and pilot funding partnership with an Australian superannuation fund

    These achievements are from establishment to 30 November 2022.

    NHFIC's 4th Anniversary