Capacity Building Program Grants

Building the capacity of the community housing sector.

Eligible community housing providers (CHPs) can access tailored assistance from a panel of approved professional advisory service providers to help with applications for funding from either NHFIC’s Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator (AHBA) or the National Housing Infrastructure Facility (NHIF).

Key conditions

  • Grants of up to $20,000 (GST inclusive) available to all registered CHPs (under the National Regulatory System, and the WA Regulatory Framework), or ‘Housing Providers’ (by the Victorian Housing Registrar)
  • Grant referrals from NHFIC to Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA), based on CHPs providing at least an initial expression of interest for AHBA or NHIF finance. CHPs can select consultants from names on the approved Panel

Eligible consultancy services

The Capacity Building Program provides consultancy services covering four key areas:

  • Finance: project and business financial modelling, fundraising, financial risk analysis and key ratios
  • Business planning: project and business planning, preparation of business cases, forming partnerships, monitoring results
  • Property development: developing or procuring new social and affordable housing, mixed tenure, sustainable and accessible property design, urban planning, place making
  • Risk management: understanding risks (business, financial, policy, governance etc.) and managing, monitoring and mitigating risk.

CHIA administers the Capacity Building Program on NHFIC’s behalf.

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